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"Artists & Artworks I Admire", hosted by Moe Satt

Virtual Artist Talk

Oct 25, 2020

On artist Moe Satt's Facebook Zoom Talk Series, "Artists & Artworks I Admire" which took place on Oct 26th, 2020, I shared a few artists I met or whose work I admired at my alma mater, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and After.

I presented the slides in Myanmar. My talk centers around female bodies and sexuality, racial and gender identities, nature, spirituality and religious icons.

The artists I shared are:

Simone Leign, RISD Ceramics Instructor (

Chitra Ganesh, RISD Painting Visiting Scholar (

RISD Alumni: Sophia Narrett, MFA Painting '14 (

Doreen Garner, MFA Glass '15 (

Jes Fan, BFA Glass '15 (

Nayoung Jeong, MFA Ceramics '14 (

Ling Chun, MFA Ceramics '16 (

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran (

On an ending note, requested by an audience to share male ceramics artists I like, I also mentioned male ceramic artists: Sun Koo Yuh, Matt Wedel, cute and whimsical ceramic sculptures by Thai artists Vipoo Srivilasa and Eiair!

Videos shown in the talk are:

* Correction: I spelt Doreen Garner's name incorrectly as "Doreen Gardner" in one of my slides. My apologies.

Video of the talk:

Link to Youtube:


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