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​63 x 8 x 40 in

Porcelain, glaze and oxides, luster

cone 10


My snakes are usually open, to metaphorically dissect the interior. I am interested in the insides. 

In 2018, I went to Jingdezhen to make a new body of work for APT 9. This piece was made of Jingdezhen porcelain. I was exploring the serpent and the dragon queen during this period. Initially my serpents were green, referencing the burmese pythons.

This piece deviates from the rest in sharp contrast in its minimal appearance to give its focus on the pearlescent whiteness. I was thinking of the Chinese folklore myths of the immortal white snake goddess who fell in love with a human being. It is also believed that the white snake goddess and her husband also practiced Chinese medicine so the white here is also used to reference healing and the regenerative power of snake as a symbol. The story also talks about  an undying love of the powerful white serpent for her human husband and the impossibility of their cross-world union.

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