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The 2017 Artaxis Fellowship

The Artaxis Board of Directors and Fellowship Selection Committee is pleased to announce that Soe Yu Nwe is the 2017 Artaxis Fellow. Soe Yu will spend two weeks at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts at the Ann Agee workshop in the summer of 2017.

The idea for the Artaxis Fellowship is simple: pull together as a community and give an artist in need the opportunity to attend a two-week session taught by an artist of their choice at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Our membership is a supportive community that came together to nominate dedicated, enthusiastic, and diverse artists for the Fellowship to assist an individual that does not have the financial resources to make an opportunity like this happen on their own.

With the great help of Haystack and full donor support, this year’s Fellowship expenses of $2000 were fully covered. This fellowship is intended to attract outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds, including racial and ethnic, that are underrepresented in the ceramic field with a goal to increase the visibility of diverse people, cultures, and unique perspectives across the field. Soe Yu will be attending Haystack’s Summer Session 4, from July 30 – August 11, 2017. This workshop will be led by artist Ann Agee.

Soe Yu Nwe is a prolific emerging artist from Myanmar, one who uses various mediums to express the concepts in her work. Of her work she writes:

"In my work, I explore different ways of narrating my experience of alienation, confusion, pain, and psychological confinement as a cultural outsider. I seek to create narrative spaces that explore the spatial relationships between the fragmented and dislocated self with the surrounding environment along with a yearning for connection."

Soe Yu Nwe, “Cold Bloom”

Soe Yu Nwe, “Nurtured in Cold Bloom”

All applications were reviewed by the Artaxis Board of Directors, and juried by our Fellowship Selection Committee – Linda Arbuckle, Steven Young Lee, and Linda Lopez. These three prominent members in the field poured over the 55 applications and deliberated to select just one recipient of the $2,000 Fellowship to attend a two-week session of their choice at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in the summer of 2017. Artaxis extends our gratitude to the Committee, to all applicants and their nominating Artaxis members, and congratulations to this year’s recipient, Soe Yu Nwe. is an evolving independent network of contemporary artists and their work. The mission of Artaxis is to provide a peer-reviewed source of contemporary artwork in ceramics and sculpture. Utilized as a resource by instructors, students, gallerists, curators, the general pubic, and contemporary artist, strives to promote and enrich the field, while functioning as a direct and unobtrusive conduit between viewer and artist.

The Artaxis Board of Directors and Executive Director, Brian Harper, Alanna DeRocchi, Adam Welch, Dandee Pattee, Samuel Johnson, Dylan Beck, Lauren Gallaspy

Updated: March 21, 2017

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