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Nia Gautama | The Sacred Scream
  • Nia Gautama | The Sacred Scream

    Digital photography of mixed media Installation and performance (unframed)


    Individually available:

    Large: $450 each (1V, 2V, 3H, 4H)

    Small:  $300 each (5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H, 10V)


    Women are complex human being which show different characters with men. Women’s gentleness is always read as weakness. Paradoxically such gentleness are indeed their strength just as water can cut through stones with time. This artwork raised women issue when they become objects and subjects. Women are beings intimate with pain. Their pain becomes object when women become victims of harassment. Their pain become subject when women voluntarily accept the pain of delivering a baby to become a mother. 

    The Sacred Scream is a closing of the trilogy series of A Drop of Red Means A Lot. The work talks about pain and disappointment by using blood red as the metaphors of pain, struggle, and rigidity.

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