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Kiln Funds

Pre-order Cup Sale

Friends in Yangon, USA and around the world, due to travel restrictions and threat of COVID-19, I am staying put in Yangon, Myanmar to start a studio here. I am in need of funding to buy a kiln and would like to request your kind support.

Would you be interested in pre-purchasing/commissioning a cup?

They are $65 each. 

If you would like to customize your cup, it's $85 to start with. Cups with handles are $75.

The funding will help me import a Skutt kiln!


Please note that the price doesn’t include shipping!

💌  Please contact me if you are interested!  💌 

💵I accept 💵:

🇺🇸 USD 🇺🇸

Venmo (most preferable) 

PayPal (charges $3 - $5 fee),

Please add extra $4 if you use PayPal to offset the fee I get unless you pay as "gift" checking out with debit card.

Wire Transfer (fees apply)


 KBZ Mobile Banking




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Pre-orde/contact me
🌼 Contact me to order a cup 🌼
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