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Myanmar artist, Soe Yu Nwe’s cross-cultural experience has inspired her to reflect upon identity through making. She creates hybridized beings that are fluid, fragile and fragmented. Through transfiguration of emotional landscape by poetically depicting nature and body in parts, she ponders the complexities of individual identity in our rapidly changing globalized societies. 

Soe Yu was named in Forbes 30 Under 30, Art & Style List of 2019.  

Her work has been acquired by the Queensland Art Gallery (QAGOMA) in Brisbane, Australia and the British Museum in the United Kingdom.




A Teaching + Studio Space in Pazundaung

I have started a teaching space in downtown Yangon earlier this year. Currently, I am on 47th street, Pazundaung!

The studio is nestled within a historic building and the original architectural components were restored to preserve its architectural heritage.


Come visit and take a class with me!

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