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Wathann Film Fest#7, Beyond Narrative

Curated by Moe Satt, Curator's Note:

Curator’s Note These are not the sorts of film you are used to. Their meanings are vague. They don’t have a linear narrative thread. There may be no narrative thread at all. They are a mélange of so many things. They won’t give you any particular message. They are neither educational nor political commentaries. So they won’t talk about how bad the government is or how poor the country is. Those messages are really boring! If we wanted to make such commentaries, we wouldn’t have needed to spend so much time making these films. We would have just printed things that you want to hear on posters and put them up all over the city. No need for any creativity at all. Great works of video art are things of their own; they take you somewhere and you are left with some sort of fulfillment at the end of the film. For these kinds of film, you won’t even ask why they were made or what kind of issue they deal with. They are perfect as they are. I don’t know how long we will have to wait until we have such works in our country—we have to try harder, obviously. We just can’t let ourselves drown in social issues forever. Lastly, I can’t guarantee that the films in this category will stir your soul like a rippling surface of water or move you like leaves in a storm.

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