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2021 NCECA Concurrent Exhibition organized by Soe Yu Nwe

On Golden Land- Banana Plant Woman (2).j

Soe Yu


Spring Ghosts

Soe Yu Nwe is an artist from Myanmar. Her work is inspired by Chinese and Burmese spiritual folk practices and mythologies. She translates her experience of being a foreigner and outsider into sculptures and drawings that poetically transfigure the sense of fear, oppression and alienation.

-Soe Yu Nwe

On Golden Land: Banana Tree Ghost

12.1 x 16 in Watercolor, color pencil, pastel and gold leaf on Arches paper, 2020

Peacock #1

Mixed media drawing on Arches paper

12" x 16"


On Ghost: A Remembering

(ongoing project)

Sagger fired ceramics

Dimension variable


A piece dedicated to remembering the ghost of the past that still haunts the present.

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