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2021 NCECA Concurrent Exhibition organized by Soe Yu Nwe


Linda Nguyen


The Fanciful Quotidian

Linda Nguyen Lopez's ceramic sculptures and installation often reference mundane everyday objects. Born to immigrant parents of Vietnamese mother and Mexican father, she grew up in an environment where language often animates the surrounding household items. The sense of life perceived through everyday interaction with these objects inspires Lopez to interpret them into artefacts of imagination by deciphering and reanimating them. The nonsensical world of fictional entities she creates is an attempt to understand the world around her through consciously unlearning their identity and familiarity. By "animating the inanimate", she personalizes articles of childhood association into beings with a life of their own.

-Soe Yu Nwe

Photo by Meredith Mashburn Photography

Some Things Need Nothing

Ceramic, ink and gouache on paper, frame and wood

26" x 11.5" x 24"


Start never ending.jpg

Start / Never Ending

Ceramic, custom XYZ Coop rug, ink and gouache on paper, frame, cotton gloves

27”H x 22 1/2”W x 58” D 


Unknown Distance.jpg

Unknown Distance

Ink and gouache on paper, cotton gloves, frame, custom XyZ Coop rug, porcelain 

48” x 58” x 2” 



7 1/4" x 5" x 4 1/2"



Untitled Ghost Mound.jpg

Untitled (Ghost Mounds)

Giant Blue Furry - Rectangle


4’ 10” x 24” x 24”



giant blue furry rectangle.jpg
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