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2021 NCECA Concurrent Exhibition organized by Soe Yu Nwe

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Khin Thethtar Latt


In Myanmar artist and filmmaker, Khin Thethtar Latt's (aka Nora) intriguing clay performance, she enacted a scene where she repeatedly self-conceive a new symbolic self in order to recreate a cerebral path or memory lane that brings her back to the most peaceful, healing and alive place.  This path of metaphorical rebirth walks her through repeated thoughts about the beginning of life, the unfolding of emotional trauma, the onset of war, memories of genocide and racial discrimination.

-Soe Yu Nwe


Video Still


This is my new performance to counter what happened today. 

There are a lot of things we didn’t have a chance to choose.

We have to accept what we have. 


I carry myself in my womb to be reborn again and again in order to leave all the pain and trauma which was born together with me.  

Even Though we don’t have a chance to choose, we have a chance to be reborn who we would like to be.

This is the process of our nature as well.


It is the path through which life comes.

It is also the beginning of emotional trauma.

This is the beginning of the war

This is a genocide

This is racial discrimination


This is also happiness

This is also peace.

This is also love-kindness.

This is a unification.

It's alive again.

It's a healing process.

This is a cycle of everything.

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