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Nia Gautama

Feminine Pain

The Raped Love by Indonesian artist Nia Gautama is a performance and installation inspired by stories of strong women who had experienced emotional pain and trauma because of men. During her performances, Nia interviewed women and listened to their stories ridden with domestic violence, infidelity and abandonment. Stories she had collected ranged from women being abandoned because of extra-marital pregnancies to women who experienced sexual harassment and verbal abuse in the hands of men they loved and trusted. Her installation recorded the collective memories of the female participants to tell a powerful story of female resilience in the Indonesian society.

-Soe Yu Nwe

2021 NCECA Concurrent Exhibition organized by Soe Yu Nwe

The Raped Love

Mixed media installation

Interactive Performance


The Sacred Scream

Women are complex human being which show different characters with men. Women’s gentleness is always read as weakness. Paradoxically such gentleness are indeed their strength just as water can cut through stones with time. This artwork raised women issue when they become objects and subjects. Women are beings intimate with pain. Their pain becomes object when women become victims of harassment. Their pain become subject when women voluntarily accept the pain of delivering a baby to become a mother. 

The Sacred Scream is a closing of the trilogy series of A Drop of Red Means A Lot. The work talks about pain and disappointment by using blood red as the metaphors of pain, struggle, and rigidity.

The Sacred Scream

Bone china, fabric, scissors, bamboo stick, bed and pillow

Mixed media Installation

2016 - 2020

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