Naga Mae Daw Serpent


15 x 15 x 21 in

Porcelain, glaze and oxides, luster

cone 6


In the birth story of Buddha, the Jataka Tales, Naga Maedaw (Naga Queen), Vimala, longed to hear the King’s sage, Vidhura Panditta (the Bodhisatta) speaks. She feigned ill and told the Naga King only Vidhura’s heart could cure her. The story enfolds narrating how the Bodhisatta used his wisdom to save himself. 

Naga Mae Daw series is inspired by Mya Nan Nwe's Temple in the Botataung Pagoda in my hometown, Yangon, Myanmar. 

© 2021 by Soe Yu Nwe

Naga Mae Daw Serpent